Our bees summer holiday

Last Saturday we took our bees from The Green House for a short holiday. While we carry out some work here, we wanted to move them just a few feet away from their home into our woodland area, but with bees, you can’t just move the hive a few feet, as they won’t realise they have been moved and will then return to their original spot and die. This means you have to move them at least three miles away, to stop them from getting confused.

We were very kindly offered a 30-acre field just outside Calbourne, which is around 10 miles away from The Green House on the other side of the Island. So this would be where our bees would be spending their summer holiday.

In the opposite picture you can see me unsealing the hive after I’ve transported the bees down a very potholed, unmade road in the back of the van. I thought they would be furious, but it turns out they weren’t. They barely even noticed me taking the top off the hive, as they were so busy eating the sugar I had put down for them! Seriously – these are the most laid back bees ever.

After a couple of weeks we’ll bring them back to The Green House and put them in the woodland, but they probably won’t even notice they’ve been moved!

Geoff Geoff

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  1. Sue Redmond said...

    Love that you have bees especially as they are having such a difficult time. I thought you would also like to know about the Natural Beekeeping Trust, they are doing great work helping bees stay strong healthy and multiplying! Check out their site http://www.naturalbeekeepingtrust.org. Their principals are the same as the work you do! Heidi, Anne and Miranda are amazing as are their hives, especially the new sun hive!
    Kind regards

    August 27th, 2012 at 11:23 pm | Reply

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