Being a botanically-based beauty company, we’re working to improve our environmental impact in everything we do. We know we’re not perfect, but the more we do, the better we get. Progress not perfection.

Responsible sourcing
We’re passionate about responsible sourcing. Our botanical and formulation experts balance factors such as performance, sustainability, ethics and soil-safe practices to determine which source to use.

Where we can, we work closely with ingredient growers and farmers, not only to ensure the quality of our ingredients but also care for the environment, promote fair working conditions and incomes for communities.

We’re always working on improving our environmental impact following the principles ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’. We carefully consider all our packaging to ensure that it protects your products while minimising its impact upon the environment.

Printing and paper
We love sharing our news with you, but we also know that every printed communication has an environmental impact. That’s why we exclusively use recycled paper and paper sourced from sustainably managed forests in all of our communications. Our newsletters and leaflets are printed using vegetable-based inks and solvent-free varnishes, which use less power to process and produce far fewer pollutants in the air.

Our home: The Green House
The Green House is our head office, based in Ryde on the Isle of Wight. We designed this visionary building to include many environmentally-friendly innovations, including geo-thermal heating, which uses the natural heat from the ground to keep us warm (and cool) and a facility to harvest rain water, which is then filtered into our bathrooms to flush our toilets. Movement and sensory timers ensure our lighting automatically turns off when there is no-one in the room, recycled paper is used across the building, and all our kitchen waste is composted on site. Our woodland, located next to The Green House, is being managed as a natural habitat to encourage local flora and fauna.

Expert advice
Our in-house Environmental Advisor, Geoff Day, is responsible for overseeing and advising the company on all environmental issues related to our business. Stay up to date on the latest news from Geoff in our blog.

Meet our green team
We’re an enthusiastic team of green-fingered volunteers who are involved in the environmental projects within the company. You can find us in our botanical house, growing crops and botanical specimens, maintaining our rocket composter to ensure it is working as it should be, and assisting in our woodland management projects including tree planting and ground clearance – there’s always something to do here! If you would like any information on what we are doing, please ask.

The Green House, our HQ

As a company, we’re committed to growing responsibly, taking steps to minimise our environmental impact. While our building may have doubled in size, it certainly hasn’t doubled its energy usage.

All our offices are now lit with LEDs. These clever little devices are bundled together into a lighting panel that looks and behaves exactly like any other office lighting, but the energy it uses is a fraction of even compact fluorescent tubes. As they switch on and off instantly, we can make full use of motion sensors to ensure we don’t light any empty areas that aren’t being used.

Our entire building is heated completely from ground source heat – this is heat extracted from a few inches below the soil surface. Instead of air conditioning, which pumps energy-intensive cold air into our server rooms, heat generated by our computer servers is extracted and fed back into the heating system. This keeps our servers cool and our energy use down. The result of our heating system and building design is zero fossil fuel usage for our primary heating source, and an energy footprint significantly lower than a small family house – which is pretty impressive for a building that houses over 300 people!

We’ve installed solar panels on our roof to generate electricity. As we have a large open roof area, we can (and often do) generate a sizeable amount of power. Even on a dull day we still produce enough electricity to power a house running all its standard appliances.

Collecting and conserving water is becoming increasingly important as our individual water footprint increases. We harvest rainwater to use for flushing our toilets – a very conservative estimate is that we have saved over 4 million litres of water from toilet flushing alone so far.

All food waste generated on the premises is composted in house in our ‘Rocket’ in-vessel composter – this creates wonderfully rich and nutritious compost from our kitchen and garden waste, which feeds our garden. Crops grown in our garden are used in our staff Bistro, and all garden cuttings and food waste returns to our composter ready for the next growing season. All the waste we produce becomes food for something else and none of our food waste ever leaves the premises.

The decking on our patio was chosen for minimal environmental impact as it is made from waste wood flour (a byproduct from the wood working industry) and recycled HDPE (also found in our Sheer Skin Tint™ SPF 15 tubes – and commonly used in milk containers). Any unused offcuts are bought back by the company that makes the decking and recycled into new products. It is also FSC certified, so the wood content is sustainably

We’re constantly looking at ways to minimise our environmental impact and will update you with any future progress. If you would like to help us on our greener journey or have any feedback, please do get in touch.